Give Kids A Smile Day

Oct 28 • 1 minute read



Dr. Pafford recently participated in Give Kids a Smile Day. Congratulations to the students and staff at Midwestern Dental School who took care of the dental needs of 211 children on Saturday October 19th. Thank you to Hunter Hilton a third year dental student at Midwestern who chaired the program and his team who took care of the children. The students were amazing and every child left with a sticker and a smile on their face. Thank you Dr. David Dodell and his staff who supervised the students. Arizona is home to one of the most successful, longest running Give Kids a Smile programs in the country. Arizona Dental Foundation team members diligently customize each activity to fit individual site needs, whether 300 children are treated at an urban dental school or 6 kids receive care at a rural dental office. These activities respond to the American Dental Association initiative to reduce school absenteeism by decreasing oral pain and infection. It has been rewarding to be Give Kids a Smile chairman since 2003 where we have taken care of over 18,000 Title 1 school children and have done over 6 million in free dental care. Thank you to the 13,000 volunteer dentists, specialists, hygienists, assistants, and students that made this happen!

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